BIG BROWN TROUT a Saiff Charter Specialty in the Spring! (Lake Ontario Fishing Charters)

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The Saiff Charter Fleet begins it’s Brown Trout fishing season on Tuesday April 4th along Lake Ontario’s southern shore.  Veteran anglers to the Saiff Fleet know how dynamic this early fishing trip can be.  The photo above is of veteran Saiff Charter client Jim Roy (NH) with just one of the many GIANT Browns that he’s taken over the years.  Capt. Bill Saiff III takes the Saiff Charter #5 to the south shore each spring for a month of fishing on the waters near Pultneyville, NY.  These are fabled Brown Trout waters and it gives the Saiff Charter Team a chance to wet lines while things are warming up in Henderson Harbor, NY (our home port).

The Saiff Charter Team are pioneers of spoon fishing for Big Browns employing Michigan Stinger spoons as their predominant bait. These spoons hook and help land a higher percentage of the true JUMBOBrowns that are hooked.  April is a fantastic time to target these Browns but don’t disregard the months of May and June for Brown Trout fishing in Henderson Harbor.  Often, the biggest Browns move east and locate on the broken cobble rock of the eastern basin.  Why the Cobble Rock?  Well, its home to vast stores of the Round Gobi Minnow and they are a delicacy to Big Browns.  While other sport fishing groups target the “Tinker Browns” in warm water on sand bottom, the Saiff Fleet will work the broken rock for the biggest examples of Browns.  Dedicated fishermen should also realize that our team’s “on the water coordination” is second to none in the industry!  We are a family operated fleet that continually shares “Guaranteed Information” with one another.  This sharing of information help all of our vessels stay on the best stores of fish.

H Brown Jeff Hansen 042014-600

H Brown Mike Heath 040312-600

The April fishing on the South Shore is punctuated by cooler temperatures.  We think that this prevents some anglers from booking this trip.  Fishermen should know that the prevailing winds are southerly at this time of year and that generally the trip is quite temperate.  This Big Brown was landed by Jeff Hansen during the 2nd week of April.  As you can see, Jeff is fishing in his shirtsleeves under bright and sunny conditions.  Mike Heath (ME) is featured with the bottom brown.  This fish was an absolute slammer that Mike took while fishing the last week of April.  Big Browns in skinny waters is a trip that everyone should try.  Book the Saiff Charter Fleet this spring by calling us at (315) 771-3514.  We will help you get connected on one of these Big Browns!  Capt. Bill Saiff III

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