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Eastern Lake Ontario Updated 03/06/15

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A Great Video From This Spring 2014'....

Giant 20lb. Brown--Bill Saiff III & Frank Milone with the Saiff Charter Fleet!
Click Above to see the battle with this 20lb. Brown!

Coming Up April-June!--Browns, Walleye, Pike.....

Jim Roy (NH) with a 15lb. Brown taken in early April....

Gary Bourgeois (NY) with a dandy Brown taken off Stony Light
Henderson Harbor-early May!

Capts Dave Wright and Mike McCarthy with Chaumont Bay Walleye
taken in early June!

GARMIN guru Mark McQuown with a huge Eastern Basin Walleye
taken with Capt. Bill Saiff jr.

Mark Anderson (NY) with a Hog Henderson Harbor Pike!

Steve Pfendler (NY) with a BIG Lake Northern!

Video Clips on Facebook and YouTube
Here are some video clips on the proper technique for filleting Brown Trout.  You can access these on Facebook at Bill Saiff Outdoors or friend us at William Saiff III.  You can also view these on YouTube by searching Bill Saiff.  We hope these help in your spring fishing.

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Casey & Paul Gibbons with a beautiful rack of Walleye, Pike and Browns!
These fish were taken on the last weekend in May 2014'

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