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Eastern Lake Ontario Updated 05/26/14

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Walleye Bite Is On!!!

The Saiff Charter Fleet was the first service to open the Eastern Basin
to Walleye fishing in the late 1980's.  We have thousands of these fish under
our belts and nobody knows the bays and structure of the Eastern Basin
better than the Saiff family!  Check out the photos of these "Eyes" and see why
your next Walleye trip should be with the Saiff Fleet.

Casey and Charlie Gibbons with a pair of Huge Walleye taken with the
Saiff Fleet in late May.  These two boys have been fishing with me for
many years.  They have taken Browns, Lakers, Kings, Steelhead, Giant Pike
and Walleye.  Its not surprising to see the boys from NH holding some
golden Brutes!

The Hammer group from PA with a full rack of Walleye off the "Rod
& Reel" with Bill Saiff Jr.  These nice folks are 1st timers with our fleet
and they'll be back for more.

 Walleye Tip!
 Walleye are in Skinny water right now.  The number of Eyes that were taken out of 10ft. of water this week  was incredible.  Bombers and Thundersticks have been the order of the day.  Without question, the #1 color pattern has been Black/Silver/Orange Belly in any metallic series.  Fishing the shallow water has meant that the majority of these baits have had to be run bare.  Everybody is talking deep billed baits for spring fishing.  Let me go on record as saying that "I don't like this idea"!  Shallow baits can be controlled more efficiently with the simple addition of keel or snap weights as these fish start to go deeper.  Also: you do not need to CRAWL to catch Walleye.  At times this is a good bet but make no mistake--"These fish Can Be Extremely Aggressive"!  During the summer fishery, George, Dad and I have taken countless limits at speeds in excess of 3.0 knots.  Most of the fish above were taken at 2.0-2.3 knots.  If you notice a concentration of Walleye on the Sonar and no bites occur, don't be afraid to slip the boat into neutral.  Let it coast for 10 to 15 seconds and re-engage the engine.  Your weight rods will sink and your floating body baits (off the boards) will rise.  This change in action will often result in a double or triple on Walleye.

Capt. Bill Saiff III and Justin Grandjean with some dandy Walleyes
taken this week near Henderson Harbor.

Bill Saiff Tip on Fishing Browns "Check It Out"!

Bill Saiff Spring Brown Trout!-Tip#2 How To Select an 8-Rod Stinger Pattern!
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Giant 20lb. Brown--Bill Saiff III & Frank Milone with the Saiff Charter Fleet!
Click Above to see the battle with this 20lb. Brown!

When fishing Henderson Harbor, the months of May and
June offer incredible diversity in fishing.  Read our Newsletter
 on this web site and see why this time frame is a top pick
with our captains.  Stable weather, great fishing and choice of
species are just a few of the reasons to target these two months.

Video Clips on Facebook and YouTube
Here are some video clips on the proper technique for filleting Brown Trout.  You can access these on Facebook at Bill Saiff Outdoors or friend us at William Saiff III.  You can also view these on YouTube by searching Bill Saiff.  We hope these help in your spring fishing.

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This is a classic example of spring Brown Trout fishing.  Here is Mark
Robbins and his crew with Browns and Steelhead caught with the
Saiff Fleet!

We do it all at Saiff Charters....

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