Ice Fishing -BEST start ever!

All we can say is “WOW”!  This is unquestionably the BEST start to an ice fishing season that we have ever seen!.  The WESTVIEW LODGE is scheduled to re-open on January 25th so ice fishermen venturing into the Eastern Basin of Lake Ontario will have the PERFECT place to stay while they are fishing on the weekends.  Right now the BSO and Hardwater Ice Guides are plying the waters of Chaumont Bay, 3 Mile [Read More]

Book Fishing and Hunting trips before the Sport Shows!

January, February and March are the prime booking months for both hunting and fishing!  These are the months when the majority of the industry’s Sports Shows take place.  This is also the time when customers are vying for position in the booking calendar.  Now is the time to get the jump on the rest of the market.  Our calendars are already built with repeat clients and we can immediately look for the best dates.   Here are some highlights and some ideas that we suggest for 2019′

(Ice Fishing)

Ice Fishing is starting within the next couple of weeks.  Early reports have limited ice forming on sheltered regions of the St. Lawrence River and Black Lake.  The team at BSO specializes in Yellow Perch [Read More]

“Bill Saiff Outdoors” – Reap the Benefits of BOOKING EARLY!

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Every season, we get hammered with calls during the peak of the season!  Customers call when the mood strikes them and want a trip immediately……Unfortunately, we are attending to our regular customers at this time and when we don’t respond promptly it appears that we are not interested in the business.  This could not be further from the truth but there is only so much that can be done in a single day!  It is our “ULTIMATE GOAL” to take care of everyone and make sure that all are served well!  This BLOG is a request that you call EARLY for your bookings this season!  We dedicate the months of January, February and March to handling customers and their questions.  We are in the office every day and it is the BEST time to speak with us about any concerns that you might have! [Read More]

Fishing and Hunting Christmas Gift Certificates Available!

Bill Saiff Outdoors Christmas Gift Certificate Hunting 2017-150.

The Holiday Season will soon be upon us and we will be scrambling to find the PERFECT Christmas Gift for the sportsman in our lives.  “Let’s Face It”.  Those of us who are dedicated, generally have all the GOODIES we need for our outdoor pursuits.  So, what can you get them????  A Gift Certificate for a BSO Hunting or Fishing expedition is the perfect gift choice.  The Bill Saiff Outdoors Team offers Gift Certificates for the following: [Read More]

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Ice Fishing with Bill Saiff Outdoors is just around the corner!  Our Ice Fishing side of the business is called “HardWater Ice Guides” and we ply the waters of eastern Lake Ontario and the bays and harbors of the Mighty St. Lawrence River.  While we concentrate on Yellow Perch, we also catch lots of Northern Pike and Pickerel.  Our team provides everything that you need for a successful day on the ice.  Our equipment includes:

Snowmobiles, ATV’s, Gas Augers, Lithium Ion Augers, Vexilar Sonar, Underwater Camera, Jigging Rods, Tip-Downs, Tip- Ups, all tackle and the finest in double hub shelters with heaters.

Our team members are life long residents of this region and know the back bays and harbors intimately.  We have also secured private access to the ABSOLUTE BEST fishing locations.  Our ice fishing contacts are spread throughout this region so when a Hot Bite occurs – we find out about it immediately.  The cost of our Ice Fishing Adventures is $150.00 per person/per day.  Those booking before the end of January will receive the discount price of $125.00 per person.  Our regular customers love this trip!  Like our Waterfowl hunts and our Open Water fishing excursions, “This is a social occasion”!  All the angler needs to bring is his or her warm clothes and we will take care of the rest.  The action is fast, the table fare is excellent and a great time will be had by all.

For more information or to book your next ice adventure, contact us at 315-771-3514.  We will help you select a date and then we will make arrangements for you to stay at our WESTVIEW LODGE in Henderson Harbor.  You will enjoy clean, comfortable rooms, flat screen TV’s, WiFi and a full service restaurant and bar located downstairs.  Rooms are just $55 (winter rates) during ice season.  We look forward to spending some time on the ice with you this season.

Capt. Bill Saiff III