Book Fishing and Hunting trips before the Sport Shows!

January, February and March are the prime booking months for both hunting and fishing!  These are the months when the majority of the industry’s Sports Shows take place.  This is also the time when customers are vying for position in the booking calendar.  Now is the time to get the jump on the rest of the market.  Our calendars are already built with repeat clients and we can immediately look for the best dates.   Here are some highlights and some ideas that we suggest for 2019′

(Ice Fishing)

Ice Fishing is starting within the next couple of weeks.  Early reports have limited ice forming on sheltered regions of the St. Lawrence River and Black Lake.  The team at BSO specializes in Yellow Perch [Read More]

Salmon Fishing – “The Best we have ever seen”!!!

In 36 years of professional outfitting, we have never seen King Salmon fishing better than it is starting out in 2018′  The combination of  strong bait fish populations, temperature and an over abundance of “naturally reproduced” Salmon has led to fishing conditions that rival the BEST we have ever seen!

There are two time frames that really exhibit the very best in King Salmon fishing.  The first is what we refer to as the “Hot Zone” period.  This time frame represents the last week of June through the month of July!  The “Hot Zone” features bright silver Kings from every year class.  Angler’s could take a 25 lb. fish followed immediately by a King that weighs in at 12 pounds.  Kings have to eat every day during the “Hot Zone”.  This is why they achieve 30 lb.+ weights in just 3 1/2 years!  This is good news for the [Read More]

KING SALMON (Staging) – Great Fishing Opportunity on Lake Ontario!

Staging King Salmon Ad2 2017-150

One of the most written about time frames to fish King Salmon on Lake Ontario is the Staging Time frame.  This time period occurs from mid- August through mid-September.  King Salmon at this time are grouping to run tributaries.  At this time of year, Salmon are approx 3 1/2 years of age and are at peak weight.  They have fed voraciously in an effort to build body mass and strength.  Generally these big fish will stage in 60 to 130 ft. of water off the mouths of tributaries where they were stocked.  This gives anglers a unique opportunity to target them (in mass) before they run the tributaries to spawn.   [Read More]

“Bill Saiff Outdoors” – Reap the Benefits of BOOKING EARLY!

H Laker Guile 2008-600

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Every season, we get hammered with calls during the peak of the season!  Customers call when the mood strikes them and want a trip immediately……Unfortunately, we are attending to our regular customers at this time and when we don’t respond promptly it appears that we are not interested in the business.  This could not be further from the truth but there is only so much that can be done in a single day!  It is our “ULTIMATE GOAL” to take care of everyone and make sure that all are served well!  This BLOG is a request that you call EARLY for your bookings this season!  We dedicate the months of January, February and March to handling customers and their questions.  We are in the office every day and it is the BEST time to speak with us about any concerns that you might have! [Read More]

Staging King Salmon Fishing! We Recommend this……

Staging Kings Poster 2016-150

BSO- There is no better place to encounter staging Kings on Lake Ontario then Stony Point Light and the water surrounding the “Trench” off Henderson. This area is a magnate as Kings return to Stony Creek, the Sandy’s and the Black River! Mid-August through Mid-September is the time to target these fish. Remember: Labor day falls late this year (Sept.5th) so the last week of August and the 1st week of September should be perfect timing. Also: Do not discount the tremendous Walleye fishing that’s available during the 3rd week of August. This could be a beautiful 2-day Combo trip for “Cold Water” and “Warm Water” fishing!  [Read More]