Book Fishing and Hunting trips before the Sport Shows!

January, February and March are the prime booking months for both hunting and fishing!  These are the months when the majority of the industry’s Sports Shows take place.  This is also the time when customers are vying for position in the booking calendar.  Now is the time to get the jump on the rest of the market.  Our calendars are already built with repeat clients and we can immediately look for the best dates.   Here are some highlights and some ideas that we suggest for 2019′

(Ice Fishing)

Ice Fishing is starting within the next couple of weeks.  Early reports have limited ice forming on sheltered regions of the St. Lawrence River and Black Lake.  The team at BSO specializes in Yellow Perch [Read More]

“Bill Saiff Outdoors” – Reap the Benefits of BOOKING EARLY!

H Laker Guile 2008-600

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Every season, we get hammered with calls during the peak of the season!  Customers call when the mood strikes them and want a trip immediately……Unfortunately, we are attending to our regular customers at this time and when we don’t respond promptly it appears that we are not interested in the business.  This could not be further from the truth but there is only so much that can be done in a single day!  It is our “ULTIMATE GOAL” to take care of everyone and make sure that all are served well!  This BLOG is a request that you call EARLY for your bookings this season!  We dedicate the months of January, February and March to handling customers and their questions.  We are in the office every day and it is the BEST time to speak with us about any concerns that you might have! [Read More]

June – A Great Month for GIANT Lake Trout!

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The eastern basin of Lake Ontario is one of the most diverse fisheries in the world but it is certainly punctuated by the GREAT Lake Trout fishing that is found here.  During the 2016′ fishing season, the Saiff Charter Fleet had more requests for dedicated Lake Trout trips than in any other year.  We think the reason is that: Anglers in North America are realizing that Lake Ontario’s Lake Trout fishery is among the best in the world!  Why is Lake Trout fishing so good in the eastern basin?  The answer is that [Read More]

Want Trophy Trout? Ring The Bells!

On May 18th, 1997, four anglers waited patiently for the next Lake Trout to strike one of their four downrigger rods. The anglers were fishing in 140 feet of water off the Calf Island shoal in the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Henderson Harbor was the base for the “Spring Classic” derby and these fishermen had come in hope of tangling with a Laker that would put them in the money.  [Read More]