Frequently Asked Questions:


What gear should I bring with me?  The basics are as follow: Sunglasses, Camera, Soft-soled shoes for the boat (preferably not black), camera, bag lunch, drinks and motion sickness tablets (if necessary).  Light pack-able rain wear is also helpful – it will provide a wind or rain barrier.

Where will we stay on our fishing trip?  Bill Saiff Outdoors is a full service operation.  We own and operate the WESTVIEW Lodge on the shores of Henderson Harbor.  We offer lodging to all our customers at a nominal fee.

What happens to the fish we catch?  Each day our boats return to Henchen’s Marina (located across the street from the WESTVIEW lodge).  A team of fish cleaners will handle your catch and the marina will freeze or refrigerate your fish until its time to leave.

What form of payment do you accept?  The Saiff Charter Team accepts CASH, CHECK or CREDIT CARD (Mastercard, Visa, American Express)

Does it matter which Captain I fish with?  In truth, each Captain has a species or technique in which they excel.  However, our team fishes 7-days a week with 8 boats at their disposal.  Our on-the-water coordination is second to none.  This is what YOU purchase when you book with our team.  Once one of our boats finds the fish, information is spread through the fleet.  This ensures that all of our customers have a quality experience.


When is the best time to go?  The Seaway region has vast stores of water fowl.  Our hunting is excellent throughout the season.  There is no time that is better than another.  The customer should consult with BSO concerning the style of hunt or the birds they wish to encounter.  Appropriate recommendations will be made.

What size shot do I bring?  The SWP Team prides itself on working birds in close.  We simply recommend 3″ BB’s for geese and 3″ #2’s for ducks.  Spend some time at the skeet range (its a far better investment than heavy shot shells).

Can I bring my own Retriever?  Please accurately assess your dog’s abilities.  A well mannered (we run multiple dogs), well trained retriever is always welcome.  Too often we see dogs that are in charge of their owners?  Dogs that are out of control cause all kinds of problems on a well managed hunt.  Consider your hunting companions and make a smart choice – you will enjoy the hunt a great deal more!

Do I need waders?  We recommend waders on all back country hunts and hunts from the boats.  Often, we ground-out our boats requiring hunters to move quickly in-and-out of the vessel.  Waders will keep you dry in knee deep water and provide a layer of warmth in frosty conditions.  Neoprene waders can also save your life!

How many people should I bring?  Groups of 3-5 hunters are perfect for most duck hunts.  Our blind locations are set up to handle that number of gunners.  In the goose field, we can take up to 10 hunters in one location.  Over sized groups for geese will be handled in two different set-ups.