Ice Fishing -BEST start ever!

All we can say is “WOW”!  This is unquestionably the BEST start to an ice fishing season that we have ever seen!.  The WESTVIEW LODGE is scheduled to re-open on January 25th so ice fishermen venturing into the Eastern Basin of Lake Ontario will have the PERFECT place to stay while they are fishing on the weekends.  Right now the BSO and Hardwater Ice Guides are plying the waters of Chaumont Bay, 3 Mile Bay and the St. Lawrence River for Yellow Perch.  The action has been non- stop since we drilled the 1st hole.  The use of Tip-Downs and Jigging have been the primary ways that we have taken these fish.

Currently, we are equipped to handle up to 20 anglers on the ice at any time.    Here is a breakdown of some of the things that we offer:

Angler fees : $150 per person per day of fishing.  This includes ice shacks (Eskimo and Shappell), rods & reels, Vexilar Sonar equipment, Underwater Cameras, ION Ice Augers and K Drills, Tip-downs (2 styles), Tip- ups, Bait, Snowmobiles, ATV’s, Heaters and BBQ grills.  We have secured the BEST access to all of the “HOT” fishing locations in the eastern end of the Lake.  Anglers that are fishing with us or “Do it Yourself” fishermen may use the WESTVIEW LODGE in Henderson Harbor as a base of operations!  Our winter rates on hotel rooms is just $55 per night.  The Westview features incredible food and a full service bar in a cozy setting that allows you to relax after a GREAT day on the ice.  Please check out our YouTube Channel at BILL SAIFF OUTDOORS where you will find many videos on ice fishing.  Please subscribe to the channel and get our great updates whenever a new video is posted.  To book a trip, call us at 315-771-3514.  Thanks and Good Fishing!  Capt. Bill Saiff III

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