KING SALMON (Staging) – Great Fishing Opportunity on Lake Ontario!

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One of the most written about time frames to fish King Salmon on Lake Ontario is the Staging Time frame.  This time period occurs from mid- August through mid-September.  King Salmon at this time are grouping to run tributaries.  At this time of year, Salmon are approx 3 1/2 years of age and are at peak weight.  They have fed voraciously in an effort to build body mass and strength.  Generally these big fish will stage in 60 to 130 ft. of water off the mouths of tributaries where they were stocked.  This gives anglers a unique opportunity to target them (in mass) before they run the tributaries to spawn.  

Why fish with the Saiff Charter Fleet during this time period?  We own and operate an 8-Boat Fleet which plies the water’s of Lake Ontario on a daily basis.  This full time approach keeps us connected (on a daily basis) with the subtle and major movements of different fish species.  When Staging Kings migrate, it is a sure bet that at least one of  the Saiff Charter Boats will be on top of the fish.  We coordinate very closely with the rest of our fleet insuring that all of our anglers get in on the action.  During the Staging period, we use Flasher/Fly combinations to entice the big fish to strike.  The Saiff Charter Fleet are masters of these techniques developing many of the standard Lake Ontario techniques that are used today.  Dates for this fishing are always at a premium so NOW is the best time to contact us regarding booking.  A $100 deposit is taken on each fishing day and the balance is paid when you come to fish with us.  Before things get too crazy in the fall, spend a day or two angling for BIG KINGS with the Saiff Charter Team.  Be sure to visit our YouTube Channel @ Bill Saiff Outdoors and watch some of the videos on fishing for Staging King Salmon.  It will give you a first hand look at what we do…..Capt. Bill Saiff III


  1. Delane Richhart says:

    I don’t know if this is the proper place to ask this question or not. I have watched many of your fishing videos, love them, and have learned sooo much. Thank you for your time in helping us amateurs.

    I do have a question though; when do you fish 8″ flashers as opposed to 11″ flashers?

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