Northern Pike

Northern Pike

Early May – Mid June / October

H Pike Casey and Paul Gibbons 052613-600

Huge Northern Pike are solitary predators. The Saiff Charter Team knows the structure of Eastern Lake Ontario better than anyone. The haunts where these big fish reside are common knowledge to our team members. We are consistent derby winners and catch the biggest Pike!

H Pike Lori Flagg 052914-600

H Pike Steve Feldon 050814-600

 Above, Lori Flagg and Steve Pfendler show Northern Pike that were taken during the month of May. Lori’s Gator hit a floating Bomber Long A in Chaumont Bay while Steve’s fish took a Michigan Stinger spoon trolled along the High Rocks!

Ice Fishing Pike Video Tag 2016-150

H Pike Mark McQuown 060414-600

Mark McQuown (GARMIN Electronics) with a dandy Gator he took while fishing with Capt. Bill Saiff Jr. aboard the “Rod & Reel”

We use Planer Board techniques to present baits into the shallow water where these BIG FISH reside.  When the bite is “On”, its not uncommon to have multiple Pike on at once. Average sizes range from 5 lbs. to 15 lbs. with examples breaking the 20lb. mark!


Here is Capt. Bill Saiff Jr. with a Northern Pike just over 22 lbs.