Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing – Kings and Cohos

Hot Zone Kings” Late June – July / Staging Kings Mid Aug. – Mid Sept.


Ron Cohle (PA) and Capt. Jason Julien with a “Hot Zone” King taken on July 16th. The Saiff Charter Fleet specializes in summer Salmon fishing!

H King Brad Arthur 082412-600

A Classic example of a Staging King Salmon. Notice the Golden color as this fish advances in it’s life cycle.  Pursue these fish from mid-Aug. to mid-Sept.

Click Above for Salmon Video

Click Above for Salmon Video

salmon“A September King taken on a Flasher/Bait Combination!”
“Staging King Salmon” Mid Aug.-Mid Sept.

Staging Kings are at peak weight during this time. Anglers will be fishing closer to shore as fish move towards spawning rivers. Attractors are used to entice mature Kings into the trolling pattern. Once there, the Kings home in on bait or flies trolled behind the attractors.

H Kings MacDowell Silkman 0713-600

A pair of  “Hot Zone” Kings taken using spoon techniques.

“Hot Zone” Salmon fishing mid-June through July.

Kings enter the eastern basin in Late June and remain throughout September. The summer fishery yields bright colored salmon such as these, while August and September are more noted for staging fish. Whichever you prefer, expect them to take 100 yds. of line on the strike. You won’t forget the fight!

Salmon Variety

While the Chinook (King) salmon is the most common salmonid in our waters, there are also Cohos and Atlantics. Kings are “line burners”, Cohos are “jumpers” and the Atlantics are “a mix of both”. Mike Seymour and Bob Flavin took this Coho/King double while writing an article for New York Sportsman Magazine. Action like this is common during August staging periods.

A Coho/King Double

A Coho / King “Double”