Walleye Dates! – 3rd Week of May (Great Opportunity)

2015-06-06 18.27.48

The Saiff Charter Fishing Fleet has set the standard in eastern basin Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario.  The photo above shows some great “Eyes” taken during the 3rd week of May in 2015′.  The 3rd week of May is arguably the BEST time frame to consistently take spring Walleye on Lake Ontario!  The 2016′ calendar is shaping up a bit differently then in the past.

Currently, we have large numbers of boats booked near the weekends but weekday dates are somewhat open?  As a 35 yr. veteran in this game, I don’t quite understand what is going on…. My assumption is that clients are more afraid to take days off during the week?  This could be a result of lack of confidence in our current administration (who knows)!  Nevertheless, weekdays are always preferable when fishing Walleye.  There is less boat traffic during the week and the Walleye stay in their suspended patterns longer.  This allows our boats to drop in on them and fish them in an uninterrupted  fashion.  Some of our best catches have been on weekdays when there are no other charter boats in sight!  As many of you know:  The Saiff Charter Fleet operates 7-days a week through the entirety of the season, with multiple boats always available.  If you are interested in scratching the Walleye itch this spring, take a hard look at the 3rd week of May.  The opportunities during this time frame can be exceptional.  The Westview Lodge is here at your disposal so clients can come in the night before, stay with us (dining and bar are just downstairs), get a good nights rest and be ready for the boats the next morning.  Please check out the Walleye Page on this website and give us a call for further information.  We look forward to seeing you this spring!  Capt. Bill Saiff III


  1. can you book a walleye fishing trip around june 15th, 2017? Let me know please. Want to give my husband a wonderful 15th wedding anniversary. 🙂 If you have an opening, could you please let me know the price? Thank you

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